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Have the (almost) invincible goalie on your team.

Meet Robo - the robotic keeper that has beat some of the best football players in the world. A guaranteed success for your event, client or friends.
Robokeeper is a computer-controlled soccer goal-keeper that is just about impossible to beat.
This goalkeeper will amaze you. No matter how fast you shoot and how well you aim, the RoboKeeper will save almost every shot.
Cutting edge technology makes this goalie the fastest in the world

A proven activation tool that has been used at FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champion's League and by several European leagues and teams.

RoboKeeper can use every part of his body to block shots.
Robot goal keeper
The robot's detection mechanism and enclosed playing court pretty much ensures it can stuff a kick every time.

It uses two cameras to snap an image of the ball, which it transmits to a computer every 1/50th of a second.

The system identifies the projectile's complete ballistic curve, predicts the 3D position of where it is going and deploys the goalie to the right spot.

Even professional football players have had to experience, how hard it is to score against the RoboKeeper.

To ensure a fair challenge for everyone, it can be handset to one of seven different levels of difficulty. In this way the RoboKeeper adjusts to the players' level of proficiency. Every participant has a real chance of beating the RoboKeeper.
Shooting a penalty against the RoboKeeper feels like being in a real stadium - with a grass playing field, fans in the stands, perimeter advertising boards and floodlights.

Sound effects, such as stadium noise and the crowd cheering a goal, are optional.

Thanks to the floodlights the RoboKeeper can be used day and night.
Robotic goal keeper Robot goalie Robokeeper for sale
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Have the (almost) invincible goalie on your team.

Our robot goalkeeper fits to every kind of event: